a small place for warm paws, wet noses and tail wags
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Clever Little Shit

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge how mind-blowingly intelligent and clever Casey is. Don’t get me wrong, Rory is super clever too, but not in the same ways Casey is.

She finds things she’s not supposed to eat or chew—pretty much anything that is not her food, a treat, or a toy falls into this category—then she brings the contraband object to me, as if flaunting: “hey mom! look what i found!” I take it from her: “How did you get that?” And she just looks at me with the “happy dog” face and wags her tail, tongue hanging out the side of her mouth. I can’t even be legitimately upset; I just want to know how she managed to get the thing in the first place.

I very rarely ever figure it out.

A toy of hers got disgusted and gross—mold started growing it in because I couldn’t clean it well enough—and I threw it away. She goes nosing through the trash bag. I didn’t notice until she started making weird licking sounds and I turn to see, amongst the array of other toys she has, the toy that I had thrown away. When I go back to the garbage to see how she managed to get it, it’s still upright, and the bag isn’t ripped or damaged. HOW THE HELL DID SHE GET THE TOY?

When she had a Cone of Shame after her spay, she seemed totally fine with it, if unhappy and confused. Never pawed at it or tried to pull it off.

Then the ONE DAY my husband and I both work after the spay, she manages not only to pull the Cone of Shame off, but proceeds to completely destroy it. I came home, and I couldn’t even be upset. I was impressed.

Ugh, she is the most infuriating, intelligent, smart-ass little shit ever. I swear to all that is holy, she’s brilliant. And a brat.